Clemency Burton-Hill explains how she was inspired to write her new book, A Year of Wonder, and why listening can be a powerful act of ‘soul maintenance’.

Can a daily dose of classical music change your life? It sounds like an impossibly grand claim, but in my case, the answer has been a resounding yes

Who, seriously, has the luxury of making time each day to actively listen to a particular piece of music? Perhaps, though, we have never needed more urgently the emotional space that music — and classical music in particular — can provide.

Classical music is an art form that, for myriad complex reasons, is often perceived to be the preserve of a narrow elite; an exclusive party to which few are invited.

Scientific research is proving that regular acts of so-called ‘self-care’ can have untold benefits on our mental health and well-being . Everyone has the self-discipline to eke out a few minutes each day to stick on some headphones and listen to a single piece of music. Where? getting on public transport and pressing play, instead of automatically being sucked into social media.


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